Discover the Power of Heat Therapy with Infrared Light Products

It’s no doubt that muscle tension can be extremely irritating. Suddenly, sitting down doesn’t feel so comfortable anymore and the neck strain you feel makes it more difficult to respond to texts and emails.

infrared heat therapy

Fortunately, heat therapy has been around for thousands of years and dates back to the Ancient Greeks. What started as a hot or cold baths as evolved into everyday products from microwavable pads to infrared heating. This is an incredible advancement as people no longer have time everyday to relieve muscle tension by running a bath.

Luckily, many products have been introduced to increase efficiency when relieving muscles and depending on the product, it may even offer additional benefits. Heat is utilized to relax and comfort not only the body but also the mind. However it’s really best used for non-inflammatory bodily pain such as acute soreness (the pain you feel after jumping back to the gym after a while), stiffness, muscle knots and any pain resulting from sleep deprivation, the lack of Vitamin D and much more.

Electric Heating Pads vs. Infrared Heating Pads

The traditional electric heating pads generate electricity to produce the heat required to relieve back pain. This can be purchased at the pharmacy close by home but do take time to heat up. In addition, the heat doesn’t travel very far down to the muscles or tissues, resulting in only temporary pain relief.

This is where infrared heating pads come in. It will continue to minimize muscle tension through the emission of the infrared rays reaching deep into the muscles and tissues. The jade infrared heating pad is one of the many types of infrared heating pads that are offered in today’s market. The results of relief last longer than traditional electric heating pads.

Depending on the product, the jade infrared heating pad can be customizable. This jade infrared heating pad allows the user to customize the controls including the timer, temperature, auto shut off and it can memorize all the preferences. Totally maximizing efficiency and user flexibility. There are other heating pads meant for other areas and in different sizes to meet the needs of the user.

Jade Far Infrared Heating Pad

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Like many products, there are certain warnings that can come attached. The jade infrared heating pad must be used consciously and cannot be used if the person has implants. Any contact with liquid can potentially be dangerous and the product must be turned off immediately.

Therapeutic TDP Lamp

If you’re looking towards a more professional option, the TDP Lamp will do just that. Comparing it to the jade infrared heating pad, the TDP Lamp relieves much more. It covers joint pain, muscle tension, improves blood circulation and reduces muscle spasm. Back pain can also be reduced with this product as well as dermatitis and eczema. Chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists and patient practitioners have used this type of equipment for heat therapy to give their patients the most natural pain reliever.

The TDP Lamp heals the damaged cells and improves blood circulation in order for the nutrients to be distributed for healing. In addition, there are no side effects that come along using this form of heat therapy. It’s structured with a special metallic heat resistant cage and has a healing expectancy for up to 1500 hours. On top of that, it runs on wheels to promote good mobility.

Target Your Muscle Tension

For those who prefer to target specific areas of muscle tension, the ChiSoft Infrared Heating Device would be best suited for those needs. Like the TDP Lamp, it increases blood circulation and reduces muscle stiffness as well as swelling at the joints. The device is meant to be hand held and offers both high and low temperatures with an infrared bulb. The minor injuries can be relaxed and joints pain can be relieved.

Infrared Heating Device

For those affected by arthritis, the ChiSoft Infrared Heating Device could help relieve that temporarily. It’s designed for at home use and can save a person money from massage and heat therapy for any kind of pain. Infrared light heating is the solution that most Physical Therapists go with. However with so much freedom, there are areas an individual must avoid when using the device. For those who are pregnant, the abdominal area must be avoided. The device should not be used on the thyroid gland, ovaries or testicles and if the user has recently induced in drugs, including steroids.

What’s the Best Choice?

For those who have pain travelling to multiple areas, the ChiSoft Infrared Heating Device is the best choice out of the three. You would have full control of the areas you wanted to target.

If neck and shoulder pain is something that occurs frequently with you, the Jade Far Infrared Heating Pad would be the device you would benefit the most from.  Targeting other areas may require you to purchase a different pad focused on another area. Let the product do its work as you relax and catch up on TV or enjoy a good book.

Those who desire a more professional device should lean towards the TDP Lamp that can relieve a variety of symptoms. It’ll feel like you’ve walked into a heat therapy session but at the comfort of your own home.

Overall the three products will target the deeper parts of your body through the usage of infrared light. The prime difference is the results that the user wants to benefit from. Either way, the muscle pain needs to be eliminated and can be done so through infrared heating.


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