Benefits of Infrared Heat

Muscle stiffness could occur through stress or overworking muscles in the body. What’s commonly used to reduce the tension is the application of heat whether it’s through a heat pack or an electric pad.

Electric Heat Pad Dangers

They’ll seem okay at first, but the long term benefits are almost non-existent. Using heat pads simply applies heat on the skin. This could become extremely dangerous and leave your body with potential burns especially if you leave it on your body for a long period of time. Ouch.


Perhaps you purchased a simple heat pad for temporary relief. Depending on the quality of the heat pad, it could result in catching fire due to frayed wires or even just using it around flammable objects.

While applying heat does relieve the soreness of your back for instance, inflammation could potentially occur. Yes the blood flow is increased and you feel so much better, but inflammation will get in the way of the recovery process.

What is Infrared Heating Anyways?

Imagine a heat pad that goes beyond the surface of your skin and into the tissue. That’s infrared heating and it’s not just make believe. It’s 100% safe and is nothing like ultraviolet rays where the risk of skin cancer and burns can occur.

However this isn’t a permanent solution, but it’s better than 30 minutes of pain relief from heat pads. This is just the start to the benefits of infrared heating.

Drug Free Remedy

Taking pills at certain points of the day becomes time consuming. No more worrying when to take that pill or medication for pain relief. Rather take a few days before bed and fully relax for the night. Also, you can totally escape the route of putting various strange elements in your body. No side effects rather hours of pain relief.

Immune Strengthening

There is the possibility that using infrared heating pads strengthens the immune system. Through the application of infrared heat rays, body temperatures go up and the immune system is improved to fight the flu or cold.

Muscle Injuries


If you were prepping for a marathon and suddenly you pull a muscle days before the race, infrared heating pads can help release the tight muscles back to its fully ability. The infrared heat will increase circulation and oxygen levels will increase to heal the area. Typically, light therapy devices are used to repair things such as strained muscles.

Stress Reduction

It’s normal to get stressed out and everyone has their own methods of coping with stress. What’s extremely relaxing is stepping into a hot shower and standing there. At last you feel at ease and the tense muscles that have been formed as a result of stress is finally relaxed.


However standing in the shower for nearly an hour isn’t the most efficient way of coping with stress. If the heat is what you enjoy when it comes to stress relief, using an infrared heat pad would probably help out a lot more. You’d save water, avoid turning into a raisin and you can do so in the comfort of your own bed. Plus, after a session with an infrared heat pad, you’re guaranteed a great good night sleep.

Releases Toxins

Our bodies are loaded with multiple toxins. We’re exposed to them through food, air, water and many others. Although exercise can remove these toxins, infrared heat can also do so as well.

Toxins aren’t instantly removed out of the body and can create illness. Blood circulation is reduced and can impact your overall wellness. They remain in the body as the toxins enter the water molecules in the body.

This is where infrared heat comes in. The heat waves will vibrate the water molecules and the toxins are released.

Cardiac Health Benefits

As overall body temperature goes up, your body begins to work harder to cool down. This also results in heart rate to increase and allows for your body to burn calories as it works hard to cool down the body.


If temporary pain relief is really starting to irritate you, it’s best to make the switch to infrared heat pads. There are multiple benefits that come with infrared heat pads including relieving muscle injuries, stress reduction, immunity strengthening and cardiac benefits. It may seem costly compared to electric heating, but it’s worth making a long term investment for your health. With so many products out there,  you’re bound to find the perfect fit for you and your needs.


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